What can I report?

Sakura internet offers hosted server services.This contact is to be used by the customers who are thinking about or receiving consultations or complaining or filing complaints regarding spam e-mails, unauthorized access, rights infringement information, etc. that occur in the server service provided to them by Sakura internet.

The flow of reporting/support

Reporting method

Inquiry form
(*No telephone contact is available.)

Flow of support

Based on the information provided, our company will investigate and take measures that are considered necessary.
Depending on the content reported, the information provided, or the content of the required measures, our company may not be able to accept or respond. Your understanding would be appreciated.

Description of support

  • Fact checking inquiring target user regarding the relevant act
  • Issuing alert to stop illegal activities and nuisance
  • Requesting to delete or suspend transmission of rights infringement information, etc.
  • Requesting resolution by consultation with the complainant
  • Implementation of transmission prevention measures through access restrictions and temporal service suspension by our company
  • Other support actions based on the terms and conditions of our company

Reportable events

Please click on the link for the detailed explanation of each item

Before contacting our company

If the target server administrator or publisher information is clearly known, or if contact information is posted or a contact is established, please consider directly contacting them first.

Cases that cannot be accepted by our company

  • When the target cannot be confirmed
  • When the event is not relevant to our service
  • When the event is outside the network our company manages
Enter the event to report

When information is sent using the input-form,
it is considered that you have agreed to the Privacy Policy.

This is an English translation from the Japanese version. In the case of any disputes, the Japanese version takes precedence.